March 29, 2008

UVHBA Complete Study


I found this interesting:

The Utah Valley Home Builders Association has recently completed a study confirming that home building generates substantial local economic activity in Utah County. The study will be released at their Economic Summit on April 10 at Noon at the UVSC McKay Events Center.

The report presents estimates on the impacts of building 3,974 single family and 819 multifamily housing units within Utah County. The estimated one year construction impacts will produce $627.6 million in local income; $111.2 million in taxes and other revenue for local governments; and 14,945 local jobs. The additional, annually recurring impacts will produce $129.4 million in local income; $24.0 million in taxes and other revenue for local governments; and 3,285 local jobs.

New home construction has a major impact on local governments. The report will also show that after 15 years, the homes will generate a cumulative $460.2 million in revenue compared to only $372.5 million in costs, including annual current expenses, capital investment and interest on debt. In essence, new home construction more than pays for itself.

Dr. Elliot Eisenberg, Senior Economist for the National Association of Home Builders will be in Utah presenting the findings detailed in the model.

March 24, 2008

Dive Trip

I just got back last night from a wonderful vacation.  Thought I would share some pictures. 


  This is a Splendid Toadfish.  It is only found in Cozumel waters.  It is very rare to see one as they are very shy.   My husband gets points for not only spotting this one but getting a great picture.


 Hola Amigos!  Welcome to Cozumel. (A Very large, and friendly grouper)


 Be sure to notice that this is not me feeding this grouper.  I am opposed to molesting the wildlife.  
 This diver was quite large and the grouper still looks big in comparison. 


 I saw more anemones in Cozumel this time than I remember on past trips.  I chose this picture because of all the fish 
swimming through it.


Not the biggest barracuda I have seen.  He was only about 4 ft.  He was pretty though.


 Just me.


This was a small guy but the prettiest one we saw this trip.


Look hard.  See the little black box with white spots?  This is a baby Trunkfish and it is my
favorite thing to spot.  I get such a kick out of seeing these.  Again, my husband had the eyes to spot this one.

When you first start diving, the big things give you such a thrill.  Turtles, groupers, lobsters, rays, eels and sharks, etc. 
After a while though, you start to really notice and appreciate all the little things like the Blennies, feather dusters, fanworms, mollusks and juvenile fish, etc.  Sometimes the tiny juveniles look nothing like the adults and it is fascinating to see the various stages of development.  As you may have been able to figure out, I am passionate about diving.  I love how I see something new almost every dive. 

I love when I am diving and I am usually planning and looking forward to my next dive when I am not. 

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March 14, 2008

Buyer’s Agent, Have your Own

A buyer recently asked me why I thought it is not wise for buyers to drive around and call all the agents on the listings that they see.  First, I want to clarify that I don’t think it is bad if you are just curious or just testing the market,  but if you are seriously trying to buy a home, this is not the best course of action. 

If you find a home that you are interested in, you call the agent and ask about the price and bedrooms, etc.  You are still interested, so that leads to scheduling a showing…with the listing agent.  You are still interested so you tell the listing agent  that you want to make an offer.  You sit down with the listing agent and, together, start making decisions about what price to offer and what terms to ask for. 

As the listing agent, meaning the agent that has a signed contract to represent the seller, it would be a breach of agency to the seller to advise you on these matters.  If the agent does give you advise on these matters, he/she is possibly weakening the position of the seller.  If the listing agent does not advise you on these matters, which he/she should not, then is this agent really representing you?

Point to Ponder:

If you get notice that your neighbor is sueing you, would you call his/her attorney and ask that attorney to represent you in the lawsuit as well?  Absolutely not,  that would be foolish! 

If you are seriously thinking you want to buy a home, it is a good idea to find your own agent.  

You can hire the best agent in the area for the same price as the worst agent!   

If you are thinking about buying a home, please give me a call.  I would be happy to discuss the process with you and help you decide if you would like to hire me to help.   

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March 10, 2008

Utah Valley Magazine 2008

The latest edition of Utah Valley Magazine is out.  I have been featured in this issue.  I have been trying to upload the article for this blog but am experiencing difficulty.  I will have to continue working on it at a later time.  So, for now, let me encourage you to read about me in this month’s issue of Utah Valley Magazine.   I am excited about this opportunity. Thanks


“’Wow!’ is what my family

is all saying about

the service we received

from Susan Jackson at

CENTURY 21 Bushnell.

She was amazing! She

went beyond what I

thought any real estate

agent would do. She

made me feel like I

was her only client. I

really felt like a friend

and not just another


— Debbi Malone

“Susan, you are simply

the best at everything

you do. It was my

lucky day when you

were referred to me. I

appreciate all that you

have done far beyond

any words. God bless

you, great lady!”

— Shane Otis


Excellence in Real

Estate Award 2004,

2005, 2006, 2007

CENTURY 21 Bushnell

Top Producer Award

2005, 2006, 2007

Earned CENTURY 21

Fine Homes & Estates

Specialist designation

Earned ABR, GRI

Soon to have the CRS



Traditional elegance with a modern touch. Situated on Orem’s

coveted East bench, this classic home offers fi ve spacious bedrooms

and 4 1/2 baths with a mother-in-law apartment. Other amenities

include hand-scraped cherry hardwood fl oors, top-of-the-line

appliances, granite countertops, newly upgraded kitchen, elegant

master suite, exercise room and much more. You must see this one

to believe. Only $789,900. Call Susan (801) 367-8214 or visit www. for more info.

featured PROPERTY


March 6, 2008

One of the Good Things About Living in Utah

One of the nice things about living in Utah is the Utah Jazz.  I have long been a fan.  I like them on TV but I do especially like to attend the games on occasion.    Through the years, we have either had seats or been given seats for particular games.  It seems that each time we go, the seats get a little better than the last.  I think, however, after the last game I attended, it is going to be downhill from there.  I believe I may have “topped out”  my seat climbing experience. 

My husband was invited to attend the Jazz vs. Dallas Mavericks on Monday night.  The evening started with dinner in the Sport’s Club on the 6th floor of the Energy Solutions Arena.  We then were escorted down to the middle of the court where I practically had to step over players that were lying on the ground having their trainers stretch them as they warmed up.  Once we reached the middle of the court, my husband was presented with a game ball signed by Carlos Boozer, (one of my favorites) and several photographers took our picture.   Once we were done with pictures, we were escorted back to our seats…2nd row, on the floor!   It felt like I was in the middle of the game.  It was great and definitely an experience I will remember.   It is great to live in Utah!

2008_0303jazzgame0005.JPG       2008_0303jazzgame0010.JPG

2008_0303jazzgame0015.JPG    2008_0303jazzgame0023.JPG 2008_0303jazzgame0022.JPG    2008_0303jazzgame0030.JPG       

2008_0303jazzgame0043.JPG       2008_0303jazzgame0040.JPG

March 1, 2008

Don’t Feed The Bears!!! I Mean Sharks?


 What a beautiful creature!  This is a picture of a 6 ft. Reef Shark my husband took
while diving off Little Cayman, with the family, August 2007.  This shark was
minding his own business and we did not feed it anything! 

This is totally a personal post as it does not relate to real estate, but as an avid scuba diver, I just have to say something about this.  Recently, a scuba diver was bitten by a Bull Shark off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and died.   He was diving with the same dive operator that I dived with on my trip to that area about 2 years ago.  That could be another post altogether, but to avoid getting into all the details, I will say I was not impressed with that operation. 

Anyway, I have long been opposed to divers and dive operations that do the “Shark Dives”.  These dives almost always include “chumming” the water to increase the odds of meeting up with sharks.   This is becoming a popular dive as it does get your adrenaline going, I am sure.   I also cringe when we watch those “Shark Week” shows on TV which always show (extremely stupid) divers that hand-feed various species of sharks.  HELLO!!!   

I remember, as a kid, watching those shows on “The Wonderful World of Disney” about Yellowstone.  I thought it was great how the cars would be lined up on the roads while wild bears in large numbers were walking around them, climbing on the cars, looking inside.  I wanted to go there so badly to experience that activity.  I wanted a bear to climb on my car, or should I say, my parent’s car? 

Not long after that however, we started learning that even though Yellowstone had a policy of “Do Not Feed The Bears”, people were feeding them anyway.  How many people got great photos of a bear taking food from thier hand, up close and personal.  It was cool and I am sure it was a “rush”.  Now though, by experience, we have learned that even though it was cute, fun, and exciting, the bears were still wild, unpredictable animals.  When people did not have food readily available for the bears, the bears would attack and harm the people.  I have seen video coverage of bears that can rip a car door off  it’s hinges as easily as I can open a can of Pringles Potato Chips.   It was not so cute anymore.  The saddest part is, these bears almost always have to be destroyed once they become too familiar with humans.  That familiarity is bred from feeding them and getting them accustomed to the idea that, where there are people, there is food

Can we not learn from this experience as it relates to sharks as well?  Sharks are dangerous, wild, unpredictable and even less is known about them than bears.   We need rules about feeding them the same as we do about feeding bears and other wild animals.   As a woman that dives with her family, I do not want sharks associating humans with food.  We get enough of that by accident evidenced by the various number of shark attacks around the world each year.  It is exciting to see a shark in the wild and every one that I have come across (without chumming) while diving seems to want nothing more than to be left alone.  I want to keep it that way!  I do not want to be 60 ft down with my 12 yr old daughter, to run across a shark that has been taught to come up close and ask me,  ”Where’s the grub?”

I believe this practise is endangering the lives of humans and sharks alike.   As more and more sharks learn, or are “taught”, by these stupid people that “if you see a human in the water, there will be food,” shark attacks will increase.  This will make it more dangerous to enjoy all water sports associated with our wonderful, beautiful oceans as well as cause an increase in shark hunting/killing.  Either result is a sad result when common sense would prevent it all.    


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