July 28, 2009

An Interesting Article Concerning Utah’s Health Reform

As I have posted before, my husband has been very busy working on Utah’s health reform. Since the bill he helped put together passed, he has been appointed by Gov. Huntsman to Co-Chair of the Risk Adjustment Board. Sunday, the Washington Post published an article that was interesting those in our household.

Read the article here 

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July 10, 2009


 I had a closing this week and when everything was all in place, the Buyer’s agent asked if I could swing by and give the Buyer the keys since he was out of town. I agreed, and when I showed up, the Buyers were there waiting for me.

I was giving them the keys and relaying one last message about the furnace from my Seller when they told me how everyone in this transaction had very nice things to say about me and added, “You must be a top-notch agent!”

I was so surprised that I think I stood for a second with my mouth open…wondering who said what and why. I came to the conclusion, as I mentally went through the last few weeks, that I had not done anything special which only added to my astonishment.

I was very touched as I drove home thinking about how we seem to influence others even when we don’t realize we are. In spite of how touched I felt, I couldn’t pinpoint anything special that would have made me stick out.

I had offered my standard, professional services, as usual. That is it.

I mentioned this experience to a co-worker who commented that, unfortunately, there are enough bad agents out there that when an agent like me comes along, someone that conducts themselves professionally, it stands out.

I think that is a sad commentary for our industry. I am sure that most client-service based industries can probably say the same thing.

I for one, plan to continue to offer the best, most professional service I can.


If you are planning to buy or sell in the near future, please give me a call.

July 3, 2009





I was going through old emails and I ran across this one from a past client, and still friend.
I thought it was funny so I will share:



 *Here are the top ten reasons for hiring a good realtor:

 10)  She will take you to see 1,567,899 homes and never complain.
 9)   She will take you to meet her cat and her dog, and anybody else around,
       once you have closed on your home.
 8)   She will take her industrial broom and sweep tires, boxes, ironing boards,
       or anything else off of your property.
 7)   She feeds you a lot.
 6)   She brings you chocolate.
 5)   She gives you more chocolate.
 4)   She makes you bread and gives you more and more chocolate.
 3)   She sends you pictures of her kids, husband, vacation places and cries
       when she can’t go on vacation with you.
 2)   She invites you over for dinner with the family, and dog and cat as
       mentioned in #9.
 1)   She will spackle, prime, paint a wall in your home and doesn’t complain if she gets paint on
       herself or her hair.
*I reserve the right to deny any and all allegations
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July 1, 2009

More On Honduras

 From: Kent Burnes

If you are receiving this email it is because we need your help. |
There has NOT been a coup in Honduras, The country is NOT in crisis.

This all started over a year ago when our president Mel Zelaya
with the help of Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega began shredding the Honduran
Constitution and setting the stage for him to become dictator of Honduras.

As we neared the November elections that would seat a new president, Zelaya became more ruthless.
Zelaya was informed more than once that his actions were outside the bounds of the
Honduran Constitution.

Zelaya earlier this year denounced democracy and announced he would seed an Venezuelan style of
government, he then began receiving large sums of cash from Hugo Chavez. 

This last week tensions mounted as the National Congress after a ruling from the Honduran
SUPREME COURT that Mel Zelaya has committed crimes against the Constitution. 
As Chavez and Ortega offered Military assistance the National Congress of Honduras,
The people of Honduras and the Courts of Honduras did not flinch,
They stood beside their Constitution and detained by order of the National Congress Mel Zelaya for crimes against the Constitution.

President Zelaya and a small portion of the population tried to highjack the country
and destroy democracy in favor of a Chavez-style government.  Zelaya was
shredding the constitution he swore to protect in order to stay in power past constitutional limits
and firmly align Honduras with Venezuela.


President Zelaya was clearly, and more than once, informed officially, that his actions were outside of the
 constitution and law.  Given his obedience to Hugo Chavez and Chavez’s money,
Zelaya was a traitor to this country in the truest sense of the word. I am
 writing to you as an American investor living in Honduras to express my admiration
and respect for this country and how its government handled this crisis. 

They were faced with a difficult situation that was only growing worse. This was NOT a
coup, but a criminal arrest.  Hondurans should be applauded for how they
handled this! They used their Constitution and stood firmly in the face of Chavez, Orgega,
Morales, and Castro and said no to this form of Government.

You would think the US would be applauding the situation.
The US will, if not careful, give Chavez and Ortega the fuel they need to invade Honduras
and remove our democratic form of Government. 
We can not believe the news reports and the statements by our representatives. 
We need your help. All Americans and Hondurans are franticly
emailing and sending information to the US.  We need you to forward this email to your local news station,
CNN, contacts that you may have at any level of government.
Email your senator, congressman, Please pass this along. If the US ushers Zelaya back into power they are
condemning this country to a communist regime.
Has a deal been struck between the US and Chavez for Honduras??????

Kent Burnes, Honduras

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