September 8, 2010


For all you “Google” people that aren’t really “Google” people… at least that is what you tell me when I remind you on my CELL phone that I am on the “DO NOT CALL LIST” and that I have already asked to be removed from your list…


It is frustrating that so many of you are using my website to “prospect” me. 

Please stop making comments on my posts that just tell me what  you can do to increase the traffic to my site,

Please stop stop making comments just so you can advertise your own websites,


Please stop calling me to tell me how you can increase the traffic to my website.

So, let’s see how many of you are actually reading my blog… you always tell me you are …

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September 5, 2010


Too many of us have a long list of things we would like to do to improve our homes. Some of those items on the list are repairs that really should get done and others are things that we desire to do for the sole purpose of improving the home or making our lives more enjoyable.

Not knowing how to get started, lack of time, lack of money are all reasons we put off getting these things done. But I think the most common reason is simply procratination. Isn’t it in our nature to just put things off, knowing, or hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. However, it never is. Life continues to pile things onto our schedules, inundate us with menial tasks which cause us stress and make us want nothing more than to vege out on the couch in front of the TV if and when we do finally find a minute.

Of those that have sold a home, how many of you put “the list” off the whole time you have lived in your home, then when the time came to sell, hurried to get them checked off?

I raise my hand… I am guilty too.

We decide to put our homes up for sale then race to finish all those things we could have done sooner and actually have enjoyed them while we lived in that home.

We have a fantastic deck at our house. I often joke about how we bought that deck …and it just happened to come with a house too. However, it faces the West and has, through the years, to our disappointment, been nearly unusable because of the heat in the summer months. We talked about different solutions when we stumbled upon the idea of Pergola. We decided that was the right option for us but never got around to it for the same reasons mentioned above.

This Spring, we decidIMG_2211ed it was time. We did it. We invested in the Pergola and have since wondered why we didn’t do that sooner. We have used our deck more this summer than all the other years combined. While the Pergola may not have added a monetary value to our home in the event we need to sell, I know it will make my home more appealing than the competition. It is like we have added a new room, a fantastic room.

So, my point today is, don’t procrastinate those little things you’ve always wanted to do to your home. Get them done while you can enjoy them. You know they need to get done, you know you will race to get them done if you need to sell so why not invest in yourself while at the same time making your home investment better. Life is too short to put off enjoying the little things.

p.s. I am sitting on my deck, enjoying the view of the valley and the lake as I write this.  Are you jealous?

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September 1, 2010

A Crazy Year

I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post. It has been a crazy year. I have been reflecting on life; health, finances, relationships… all the things that present the greatest challenges to our lives and yet the greatest blessings as well. We too often take them for granted but when one or more get a little off-track, it doesn’t take long to realize how important they are to us and how essential it is to work on them.

I am grateful for good health. I am lucky that my challenges the last year were temporary and resolved but I have a new outlook on how important it is to take care of ourselves, eat right, exercise, etc.

I am grateful for my family and friends. I lost my father this summer. It has been a sad and reflective time since I lost my mother long ago. As I grow older, these bonds get more and more special to me. My siblings have grown closer since his passing and have an even greater place in my heart. My husband and children seem to be the essence of my existance. I do not know how I would survive without them.

I am facing the prospect of becoming a grandmother and get more and more excited as the time goes by… also worried as I think of my own baby facing the challenges of motherhood. Physically, getting older stinks! Yet, life gets sweeter as time goes by and I learn valuable life lessons that I was too young and ignorant to appreciate in my youth.  I do not look forward to watching my body get more and more wrinkles  with each passing day, but I have learned that there are still many opportunities ahead for laughter, learning, and LOVE.

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