May 30, 2012

Oh No! Not a new roof!

We have had an ominous feeling hanging over our heads for the past few years, literally! You know; the dreaded conclusion that it is time to get a new roof. Every homeowner hates the thought but even more, they hate the expense. Even when you know it is time, you close your eyes and cross your fingers that you can squeeze by just a little longer. That was us.
Well, a few months ago, our neighbor’s roof suddenly transformed into a beautiful form of art and gave us the boost we needed to bite the bullet. We called the name on the little sign in their yard; you know those signs that say, “This roof brought to you by…” and now, our roof is a work of art too.

It is funny, I’ve never been ‘in’ to roofs all that much. My hubby notices them on occasion but lately, I am surprised at how my “roof awareness” has peaked. Since all the homes in my neighborhood are around the same age, I can’t help but feel sorry for so many of my neighbors as I drive by and think, “Oh wow, I wonder if they know how close they are to water damage?”

I know how hard it is to do it. I know what drives homeowners to put it off because it is a big expense and there are always other more important things to do with that money, right? But, if you lose the gamble, you can find yourself with water damage inside your home which is also expensive to restore PLUS, you then have to buy the new roof on top of the water damage repair expense or it will just happen again.

We made the jump and not only replaced the old roof but went the upgrade and found a roofing system that looks great and is very functional as well. I have no doubt we would recover the cost if we had to sell and the added expense also added many years onto the warranty. Instead of the typical 30 year roof that is really more like 15-20, we have a 50 year roof. It is supposed to save on the energy bill, (too soon to see it yet) and is more fire and wind resistant than average.
If you are thinking you need a new roof, here is the information on the one we chose.

And if you are in Utah, I recommend the company that installed our roof. They were great to work with.

It might be important to remember, a lender will not give a buyer a loan on a home unless the roof has at least 3 years of life left.