By: Susan | Date: 18.12.2008 | Categories: Real Estate

I attended a State approved class today to learn more about the changes in the Real Estate Purchase Contract. The new REPC will be the required contract for agents to use after Jan 1, 2009. This is the second class I have taken on this subject. CENTURY 21 Bushnell took the time to go through the new document with all their agents during our sales meetings because our broker is dedicated to making sure the agents in our office are prepared and skilled to provide the best service.

It is important for agents to understand the new contract because they will be using it to bind their clients to the terms and conditions when buying and selling real estate.

It made me feel good as I took this class that I seemed to already understand the changes. The instructor would ask questions about what certain changes mean to our clients and I was able to answer all the questions correctly.  It makes me feel more confident that I am learning the new REPC and the implications of those changes and how they will affect my clients.