Things are changing…

By: Susan | Date: 29.07.2012 | Categories: Blogroll, Community, Real Estate, Selling

Most of the last few buyer clients I have had are looking for homes in the range of    $250,000 or less.


I have been feeling a trend that things, at least in that price range, $250,000 or less, are getting harder and harder to find and that is the price range of the typical buyer.

I feel pretty confident in saying that the trend in that range right now would be considered a “Seller’s Market”.

Yep, after years of waiting out the horrible conditions that sellers have been facing, it is finally their time.

I took a listing recently that sold before it was even on the MLS. That is right, I was still working out the details of our listing agreement when, by word of mouth, a buyer came along and begged us to show them the home. I was reluctant because I wanted to give my seller time to fix it up. I got the price we wanted without the cost and time of the fix up. I couldn’t believe it. The buyer was desperate.

Please, if you have been wanting to sell but have been thinking you should wait until conditions improve, I am saying it is time; please give me a call. I need homes for my buyers. I would love to represent you and help you through the process.