Free Book in Exchange for Reviews

By: Susan | Date: 8.04.2015 | Categories: Blogroll, Personal







My new book is live on Amazon. Woo hoo!!!

It is extremely important for authors to get reviews on their new books. Amazon uses reviews to rank books and readers use them when deciding what to buy next. Being new on the market, I need reviews.

I’m offering free Kindle copies to about 10 readers who will, in exchange, write honest (but kind) reviews. If you don’t like my book, I don’t expect you to lie, just don’t rip it to shreds–please. It’s that easy. If you’d like to read my new romance novel, just search my pen name on Facebook, S. Jackson Rivera, and private message me. I’ll get a FREE kindle version out to the 1st 10 responders. I expect reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. If you post on other sites as well, all the better, but at least those 2. Thanks