Why Use a REALTORŪ at
CENTURY 21 Bushnell?

Why should you let Susan L. Jackson, a CENTURY 21 Agent, sell your home?


Susan Jackson is registered with the Multiple Listing Service. This advertises your home to every agent in the state of Utah. When your home is listed on the MLS, it is as if you automatically hired about 3,500 local agents to sell your home. Not to mention even more agents, looking to relocate a client from out of town or state.

Name Recognition

CENTURY 21 is the proven, most recognized name in the Real Estate Industry. What does this mean to you? When a buyer is relocating from anywhere in the world, who do you think they will call?


At CENTURY 21 Bushnell, all agents have access to various advertising vehicles that a seller does not have access to alone. Homes Illustrated, The Real Estate Book, etc. (If you were seriously looking for a home, would the newspaper be the only advertisement you would check?)


At CENTURY 21 Bushnell, we use the traditional gold post for our signs. CENTURY 21 is the most recognized name in the Real Estate industry, world wide. Having a CENTURY 21 sign in front of your home is a proven advantage.


Listing your home with Susan Jackson assures you that your home will have it's own 1-800 number. This allows curious drive-by's the opportunity to call and get more information on your home. Calling the number also records the information of the caller and gives you and your agent a greater sense of how much interest your home is generating.

Qualified Buyers

At CENTURY 21 Bushnell, we are dedicated to making sure that a buyer is qualified before we start the process of showing homes. We have an in-house financial expert. Before we show a buyer your home, we already know he can afford it.

Service Pledge

CENTURY 21 is the only Real Estate company that assures quality service through a "Service Pledge." CENTURY 21 will contact you via email and ask you to evaluate your agent's performance.

When you Try Selling Your Home Yourself


Most Sellers that try to do it themselves use classified ads in the local newspaper. The adventurous ones may branch out and try a newspaper in another city. Some use the internet and try flyers in various places. If you were seriously looking for a home, where would you look? Probably in a Real Estate Magazine.


Almost every "For Sale by Owner" sign looks the same. People may notice but to most, it says, "For sale at a bargain because we don't have to pay a REALTORŪ's commission."

Phone Number

Most "For Sale by Owners" advertise their numbers but then never answer the phone when it rings. I know because as an agent, I regularly call FSBOs. My personal statistics are that only 2 in 10 actually answer the phone when I call during the day. I leave messages when possible and only 1 in approx 100 call me back. Many do not even have an answering service. If you were seriously looking for a home, would you desire a home advertised in the newspaper with only a 3-5 line description, so bad that you would call several times a day trying to reach them when there are so many other ads to call on?


Some "For Sale by Owners" may generate interest in their home. They do find people that will say they want to buy the home. The sign comes down, the home goes off the market, and months go by. The sale never materializes because the buyer was not able to secure a loan for the home. Many people that are willing to invest the time and take the risk to buy directly from the seller without the help of a professional, do so because they have already tried to buy with an agent but could not qualify. There are other reasons a sale can fail, even with the help of a professional, but an experienced REALTORŪ knows through experience what to look for and what to do to head off many of these obstacles.


Unfortunately, only approx. 11% of all "For Sale by Owners" actually sell their own home.

Put yourself in the buyer's shoes

If you were a serious buyer, would you really invest the time looking at newspapers, usually no pictures; drive all over the county yourself looking for hard to find addresses; call FSBOs that don't answer their phone when it is most convenient for you to call and never return your messages; fill out all the legal paperwork yourself, make the biggest investment you will ever make without professional help?

Or would you call an agent, sign an agreement that will assure that your interests are protected. Your professional REALTORŪ will connect you with the lenders, title companies, appraisers, etc, qualify you, show you thousands of homes on the MLS, with pictures, that meet your specific criteria---price range, bedrooms, baths, garage, etc., then drive you in a nice, air-conditioned car, to scheduled appointments, until you find the home of your dreams. Then sit back while the agent does everything except tuck you in at night until you can move in?

REALTORŪ services are virtually free to buyers.